What are the advantages and disadvantages of a memory stick?

Published: 19th May 2010
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Consumers should be aware of the fact that a memory stick is primarily a flash memory chip that is used mostly for cameras, but one should not forget that it can also be used with some portable music players and other media devices. Now a days buyers are giving heed on knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of memory stick. You can use memory stick for storing tons of multimedia files. Also memory sticks are convenient to store many forms of datas. You will find memory stick as a very beneficial stick in terms of storage capacities. Consumers are finding memory stick quite advantageous including their ease of use and relatively low cost.

Some of the advantages of memory stick are very easily allows you to transport documents from one computer to another, small, therefore easy to carry around with you, quite useful when doing school work or running businesses meaning any work done at home can be used at work or school as well. Users should know that it holds a lot more data than a floppy disk. Since memory stick is a USB drive so it can be used on any computer system. Best part of using memory stick is that offers large storage capacity, and also portable. Main advantage of using memory stick is that it enables you to transport files easily between computers. These memory sticks are small and light, and also easy to carry around. Now you should be aware of the main disadvantage of memory stick that if they are stolen, sensitive files can be easily accessed. If you want a memory stick that hold a very big amount of data suppose if you are going to use it for a lot of large document then they can be quite expensive to buy. Since memory stick is small so easy to lose, and they can take viruses from one computer to another. All such aspects of memory stick is highly needed to know from the purchaser's end.

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